Jo Sonja’s – Textured Paste 250ml


Jo Sonja’s Texture Paste: A white paste used for exaggerated structure and texture, to create 3-D effects. Dries to a very hard matte finish and may be either overpainted or mixed with Jo Sonja’s Artists’ Colours before application to produce a coloured, textured ground. Great for stencilling techniques and to adhere materials for mosaic and collage projects.
Open grained wood such as oak may be filled using a mixture of Texture Paste and desired colour mixed 1:1. Apply this mix with a spatula and carefully remove any excess as you proceed across the surface. Let dry, then sand to a desired smoothness. Proceed to glaze with desired colour.


Apply with a rubber spatula, palette knife, coarse brush or graining tool for textured background effects.

Mix with paints to produce coloured grounds.

Paintable as soon as dry. (At least 24 hours).

Antiquing will emphasise textural effects.

May be applied with a palette knife through a thick plastic stencil to create 3-D effects. A cake decorating bag with tips can also be used for dimensional effects.
Useful to imbed objects such as shells, buttons and broken glass for mosaics, picture frames, walls, etc.